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You probably thought that dating was the hardest thing you'd ever go through, but then you found out what it would take to plan a wedding. Well, don't worry because we are here to guide you on your planning adventure. In fact, we have even made some recent changes that will help you plan your wedding in an interesting and exciting way!

Find inspiration in our ideas section. You can search and save images to find exactly what you need to start creating. Whether you want a luxurious wedding filled with roses and chandeliers or just a ceremony for two on the beach, we have the images to inspire your event.

Need to hire the right people? Once you start turning inspiration into action, we will help you find vendors that are perfectly suited to create your affair. In the coming months, new features will be introduced which will allow you to search venues and vendors by attribute. No more wasted time contacting venues too small for your big day!

Once you enter full-on wedding planning mode, you will probably need someone to "talk" to. We've got you covered! We have articles and advice to help you understand the difference between peonies and posies, tricks for not offending your future in-laws, and suggestions for one-of-a-kind bridesmaid gifts.

Stay on task and on budget with our planning tools. Our checklist will ensure that you don't forget the teeny-tiniest of details, and our budget tool will let you know exactly how much you have spent.

Above all, we are here with you throughout your adventure. So, congratulations and let's get started! Your friends at Wedappy

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